Personal Goals- Weight loss

When you have your personal weight loss goal and have lost some weight there will be some people who say “you are fine now don’t lose any more weight”. There are other people that will say “you could lose a few more pounds” .
The all in all is you. What is your personal goal? What is your time frame and whats your reason (superficial or not) its still YOUR OWN REASON AND IT WILL BE YOU THAT WILL BE IN PURSUIT OF THAT goal so why let someone else set it for you.
Don’t let others impose on you what your goal should be. You make that decision and stick to it. For my self , my short term goal weight is to be 50lbs down by my graduation which is in 11 days and I want to strut my stuff across that stage 50lbs lighter. My long term goal is 75 lbs down because I want to get back to the old me.
Short term weight goal is 187lbs
Long term weight goal is 167lbs

What are your personal weight goals? Short term? Long term? Why? Have others told you what they think you should lose?


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