Dear Express Chinese Food Restaurant : Weight Loss

I recently treated my self to some Chinese food. I love it like really really LOVE IT. Love it so much I use to have it 3 times a week ( I know I know the shame). I would get the rice, chow mien and 3 choices of meat (teriyaki chicken, pepper chicken and sweet & sour wings) which was the COMBO C. I usually go to my local express Chinese food spot. The lady who serves the food and the guy who cooks knows me . The lady actually knows what I order and starts dishing it out as soon as I walk up.

This visit was a bit different. I walk in and the lady looks at me and says “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN , I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN A WHILE” . I said I’ve been around.

She says

You have gotten too skinny, you are a good customer and you need to come back more often, don’t loose any more weight you will look sick

I nod, smile and place my order

-1 cup of vegetable soup and 1/2 cup of steamed rice (drastic change from before)

I still like the Chinese food place and the lady she is funny and I know she meant no harm in what she said. Honestly I returned to the get the food because now I know my limits. Before I would walk in that place and order up a muck because I just felt like I needed too. Chinese food was NOT to blame for my weight gain but what I would order and how much of it I CHOSE to have did  was 1 of the reason I packed on the pounds.

I thank the Chinese food lady for her opinion but I cannot return back to eating there 3 days a week and over stuff my face and belly with what I use to have. I am now the twice a month , can control what and how much I eat type of customer. She still has a customer in me. Her lobster soup (which has no lobster in it ironically) is to die for

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