Stop the damn lies: Weightloss

I may get some backlash or support for this one. Lets see , hear me out. Why did you lose weight?

The lie: For my self

The truth: Because of other people

For all those out there who CLAIM to be loosing weight for themselves, in essence it is for you but the other side to that is you did it because of others. Not for them but because of how and what others have said to you or have treated you.

This started because me and my sister had a major disagreement for why people decide to lose weight?

She said the politically correct answer: For my self.

I said the deep dark truth, I was tired of the looks , the judgement, the nasty comments and the plain ole way people treated me like some fat ass charity case that needed their damn pity. Yeah I said it.. what a freaking relief. Its a vein reason but that’s my reasoning  and I think others may share the same reasons but are not ready to say it. And that is okay , I just said it for us.

Hard to swallow and chew but that is my truth. Yes I loss weight for my self but I won’t pedal that reason around as the SOLE reason I loss weight when the truth is some people drove me to reconsider how I took care of my body and take myself to the next level.

I’ll even be more transparent. I wanted to lose weight for the longest BUT THE MINUTE A CLOSE FRIEND DOUBTED I COULD, I WENT EVEN HARDER… because I felt I had something to prove. That was my own issue at the time but I’m saying what is the truth for me.


You weigh in… why did you lose weight or want to lose weigh? yeah …yeah for yourself (politically correct answer)  but what are the other deep rooted reasons?








9 thoughts on “Stop the damn lies: Weightloss

  1. Wolski Success Partners says:

    I lost my weight for my self. I had injuries with my knee and back that the extra weight aggravated. You do have several points though. We will never know what a person’s real motivation for doing something is. The best bet is to not worry about it. I’m glad you know your own motivation.

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    • gojenbefit says:

      For things like injury , health and illness is definitely a GREAT reason to lose weight for yourself and I didn’t even think about it from a health stand point. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Ice_Badger says:

    I wanted to lose weight because I hates what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I hated not recognising myself. I hated not being able to look at photos of myself without nearly crying.
    Above all I hated seeing myself dance and looking like the fat one who could barely keep up and feeling the same way. I lost weight because it allowed me to do what I wanted to do.

    It sounds politically correct, and yeah society’s judgement is a factor, but I only really care what people I know think, and not a single one of them thought I looked bad. Not a single person out there judged me more harshly than me.

    Yeah, there might be a factor of not wanting to get stared at in the gym for being the fat girl in the weights area, but 90% of what I thought other people were thinking was a projection of what I was thinking. I have spent much more time around these people now…I know for a fact that they are either nicer than I thought or too self involved to judge me! It would be a lie to say there are no outside influences at all but at the end of the day I am pretty self involved myself…only child and all that…so at the end of the day the main opinion that matters to me the most is mine (and these days my husbands and he also doesn’t mind what weight I am as long as I am happy).

    I don’t imagine this is the same for everyone…

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    • gojenbefit says:

      Thank you or sharing your reason why and you are absolutely right overall the main factor is you and what you choose to do. I am glad that you write what I was trying to express. Yes we are doing it for ourselves and some outside factors may apply but over all its for individual wellness. Thanks for posting. I highly appreciate you 🙂

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      • Ice_Badger says:

        I guess it is different for everyone but I have found the only reason that sticks is to make yourself feel better and to make it possible to do things you want to do 🙂
        Looking and feeling better to yourself always makes you look better to others too 🙂

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  3. Alyson says:

    I am losing weight for my marriage. I want to get back to the weight I was (even though that is still considered heavy) when my husband and I started dating. And I want to be healthy enough to provide my husband with kids. So partly for myself, but mostly for my husband. And to be clear-he has never once told me I needed to lose weight, which makes me love the man even more 🙂

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    • gojenbefit says:

      You are doing it for yourself and for family. Great reason for making lifestyle change. Your husband loves you as you are and that’s the best feeling knowing that he loves you no matter what 🙂 Thanks for commenting !!! I appreciate you


  4. jlstanding says:

    This is awesome. I got into fitness because I also felt like I had something to prove. I went through a horrific breakup and I vowed to become stronger than ever before, physically and mentally. The gym was something that he introduced me to. And it was the one thing once it was all over that I didn’t let him take from me. But, I don’t think about that any more. Now I do it because I know I am strong, and I want to continue to improve for myself. I think people’s motivation can change in this aspect, well, I know it did for me. But I will admit… nothing lights a fire underneath you quite like having something to prove.

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