How to change your life in Spring Time💛

Spring is here 🌼 Time to see flowers and fruit  bloom. It’s also time for many of us to bloom. Yes you, you too can bloom this Spring. It is an opportunity that we all can have to cultivate our lives and design your current season. Just like the seasons change, so do we. Change is not a bad thing but sometimes it can seem scary. The best way to deal with change is to be open to it and if possible have a say in the direction it goes. 

Let’s get into it. Here are 7 ways you can change your life in Springtime🌸

  • Evaluate: Review the current areas in your life and see what is going well and what are areas of opportunity to improve your current state in your life (pro tip: only focus on 1 to 2 areas at the time)
  • Importance: What is currently important to you now. What was important to you in your 20’s is not the same thing that may be important to you in your 30’s or 40’s. It is okay if something that was top of your list before isn’t anymore. 
  • Spirit: Your divine navigation is important. Believing in something higher than yourself gives you direction and even if not immediate. (pro tip: check out my other blog post “God wants you to be healthy“)
  • Rest: If something troubles you should decide to either rest or break before you make your next move. Taking a pause can help you come back to something refreshed to make a best decision for you instead of making a decision from a hasty place. 
  • Detox: This can be in any area but here detox your phone, yes your phone. Many of us are glued to our phones and would have a panic attack if we lost it. Pay attention to what you are choosing to scroll through or watch on your phone because these things seep into your subconscious and can shift your energy. It may be time to take a break from social media (no worries whatever was there will still be there if your take 72 hours off) 
  • Plan: Choose and be clear how you want your life to change or what you want to accomplish in this season. (pro tip: the plan does not have to big to others but a milestone just for you) 
  • Heal: Emotional sobriety is a real thing and healing from the trauma’s that we have experienced is mandatory to elevate and transcend currently in your life. Maybe not tackle it all at once but heal from the thing that weighs on you the most because it is blocking your blessings and your personal evolution.

It’s your turn! How do you plan to change your life this spring ? 

Remember if no one has told you lately, I am so proud of you. 


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