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October 3, 2017 to January 1, 2018


Private Facebook Group **15 WOMEN ONLY**

Goal Assassin 101 is for women who want whats their in life. Not victims. Not those who feel sorry for themselves. Not for women are lazy and want something for nothing.I can promise you, yes promise, if you do the work and follow the directions you will change your life drastically. How much I can’t promise.

Goal Assassin 101 is personal development, professional development, accountability and wealth building tips will be in the training. Plus an active Facebook group.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is struggling with their personal development, setting and executing on their goals. Change the way you approach your daily challenges and win big.
You do the work and success follows. This is a self paced course, you can take it easy but don’t expect to get the same results at the person taking action every day. One can work on this course one hour a day. At the end one should end up with a blue print to continue massive success in 2018

What am I getting?

Goal Assassin T-shirt (Those who make it to 1.1.2018)
Specific Topic Live Chats
Life skills
Guest Speakers
Facebook group
Giveaway opportunities


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