Weightloss Journey

When I started my weight loss journey I did not know much and I am still learning. If you came here to get some advice or just see where I started that’s great. I hope you leave with at least one positive thing and if you decide or already decided to start your weight loss journey , just know that I am here to support you.


Highest weight: 242 lbs

Start Weight 1/7/15 -237lbs (Obese)

Weight Update 4/30/15-196lbs

Weight Update 6/9/15-185lbs

Weight Update 7/28/15-172lbs (Overweight)

Weight Update 8/15/15-167lbs

Weight Update 9/8/15-162lbs

Weight Update 1/7/16-155lbs

Weight Update 6/25/16-147lbs

Weight Update 9/1/16-152lbs

Weight Update 09/04/18-203lbs

Long Term Goal: 167 lbs 11/4/18

Ultimate Term Goal: 142 lbs 1/1/19 (100 lbs from start of weight loss Journey)