About The Blog:

Gojenbefit began in 2015. Inspired by someone who was not sure if they wanted to blog. The blog is here to serve those who are looking for tips on weightloss, looking for information about goal setting and a sprinkle of all areas of wellness. This blog is to contribute to the betterment of anyone who dare to read. This blog is updated frequently with a variety of topics that are beneficial to a persons lifestyle no matter the range.

About The Blogger Behind the Blog:

My name is Jen. I am a fitness blogger that is trapped in a lifestyle bloggers body. I am a educator at heart. I was previously in human resources but have now transitioned to social services. You are probably thinking what that heck does any of that have to do with fitness. Well nothing but that was the problem, I was so busy climbing the career and education ladders of society I forgot about my health and became 242lbs ( Read my weightloss journey section) . I was sick of feeling blah about life and I wanted a place to share my experiences and thus gojebefit.com was born.

I love blogging about what I learned, what I am doing and what I have tried. I am currently developing my portfolio as a fitness professional. No worries as soon as more things are organized I will share it right here. Overall I am a content creator that will continue to produce helpful content for anyone to read, listen to and or use.

You better use this content (I’m sarcastic at times, no harm intended). I’m all about taking action.

My WordPress content pledge:

I pledge to write 1 blog post every other Wednesday. Come back for fresh content.

All the other content I produce on other days are bonuses! Don’t you just love a bonus.


© 2016 gojenbefit.com


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