Day 1 of 8: Green Smooth Cleanse

Hey wordpress fam! This cleanse allows you to have snacks. The instructions on snacks is you can have 3 snacks they can be vegetables,  fruit and raw & unsalted nuts. The amount is a hand full but if you wanna get technical that can be 4 oz or 1/2 cup. The book suggested more green … Continue reading Day 1 of 8: Green Smooth Cleanse

8 DAY green smoothie cleanse

Hello my wordpress fam. Hope all is well with you. Last week I wrote about my sister deciding she wanted to do a 10 day cleanse and because I want to do this cleanse myself & support my sister on her weightloss journey, she is 15 lbs down now and I am PROUD of her … Continue reading 8 DAY green smoothie cleanse