Juice for Breakfast- Weight Loss

I’m very new to juicing. As many people try to jump right into it, after reading, listening and researching I found out that for a newbie like myself or (maybe you, if you ever thought about it) should ease into juicing and not just go 10 days juicing because it is intense (TRUST me I did a 5 day juicing until dinner which is modified juicing day 3 was a beast but I lost 7lbs but I will share the details later) any who. I actually like juicing after doing it for 5 days but if you want to work your way up to full blown juicing or modified juicing try it like this.

1. Decide when you want to juice for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) 

For example I decided I would juice for breakfast today yesterday. But  you may say ok next Tuesday I wiil or anyday of the week

2. Make the juice yourself (find a recipe–> check out http://rebootwithjoe.com/recipes he has great ideas that you can put a twist on) or you can buy a juice from your local market, juice bar or online 

I have found that juicing yourself is cheaper and calorie conscious better because you control the amount of calories in your juice. I use a blender and add water. I have yet to purchase a fancy-smanchcy juicer .. one of these days I might or NOT my blender works just fine for now. 

3. Have water and or tea with your juice. 

Hope you make time for using the restroom because all those fluids will having you going. 

This morning I am having:

Green Tea with Pomegranate – 1 cup

Water -16 oz

Green Juice- 12 oz

Green Juice Recipe:

1 1/2 water

1 cup spinach

1/2 large green apple

1/2 large carrot

2- Medium strawberries

Totaling 87 Calories/ 12 g sugar/ 22 g Carbohydrates

(I input this recipe into myfitnesspal) 


Have your ever juiced ? Have you juiced for 1 meal or more ? Blender or Juicer? Self- made or store bought?

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