Starts here -Weight Loss Journey

I’ve decided that I would blog about my weight loss – fitness journey. From where I started until now and from now forward. Its easy some days and hard other days but the first thing we all have to do when we do anything is decide. Decide that we will do something, stick to it and accomplish it. It seems simplistic but no one who’s ever decided to diet, exercise, try a challenge or any of that knows that there are the ups and the downs.  Usually more ups than downs BUT don’t be fooled on the down days they are so low you just want to give up slow down.

I’ve tried to do a lifestyle change before. I was so strict with what I allowed myself to eat and drink. That only lasted for 2 days and I was back to my bacon cheeseburger with fries and shake. (mmmm that sounds so good) No guilt in thinking about food you want. Any way I digress I really decided to take control of my weight when my friend announced that she was going to lose weight for her wedding and what fueled me to get this far is someone actually doubting that I could actually do it (I will post about doubters NOT haters later) Once I got it in my mind that I would lose weight on 1/7/15 It was all balls in from there.

So far  I have taken no supplements, purchased no dieting pills and really done this the natural way . I’ve used items that can be found at your local 99 cent store or Walmart.The tools that I have used, have done me a world of good at least in my opinion.

Here I will share recipes, exercise/ workout , inspirations, emotions , emotional topics and tools that I have used to start and continue my weight loss journey.

For now I’ll end and please take care of yourself and your health.


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