5 MUST DO Things to Create a Great Blog Post

There are millions of “how to write a good blog post” lingering in the internet space well 73,000,000 results to be exact, the researcher in me had to check. I agree with majority of what I have reviewed but here I just want to share with new bloggers the down and dirty version of must do things for a blog post before you hit that publish button.

There are 5 Major things you need to keep your eye on if you want to create a great blog post

  1. Your title. Soooooo you know how you want to title your post something cute or insider joke that you and your cousin will be the only ones to understand? Well don’t because that’s just it only you and your insider people will understand. The point of many blogs is to get other to read and if you title your blog post something like “Komuz made a boo boo in a random place” those who are curious would click that title but most people would just skipped that. Only me and my family knows Kozmos is my cay and he use to take a #2 in the weirdest places but if you were to title that “ 3 Weird Places My Cat Uses the Restroom” that seems more clickable and more people will click the second title versus the 1st. (Check my old post they had horrible titles and not may people clicked not until I put more effort into making eye catching and enticing titles did I get more readers)
  2. Your featured photo. It’s up for debate whether people see your title or picture firs, either way your picture needs to make sense with what you are writing as well as give small tell of the title or even include the title. They picture should be clear, goes along with your theme and not have any water marks if you can help it. Join some sites that offer stock photos and if you do use a picture you are unsure of PLEASE give the photographer credit and or list where you retrieved it from.
  3. Your content. It should be informative or step orientated. I believe your content should inform others on something they may not know about or add something new to that space or it should be something that others can take steps and actions with. Not every post should be just of one type of content I believe a decent blog incorporated both.
  4. Your call to action. This is where you ask your audience to do something based on the information you juts shared or ask them a question ask tell them to leave it in your comments. This is great for your engagement on your blog.
  5. Your Information. At the end of each blog share with your audience your social media info, email address, or a link to something you maybe be selling. This is your time to get your audience to connect more with you.

Your Turn: What is one of your Must Do things to create your blog post?

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