20 Dirty Truths About Blogging | You may not get anywhere else

Blogging isn’t all lilies and roses not is it a drag or a burden. Its a small mixture of the 2 at times. Wait wait as a new blogger or seasoned blogger you will appreciate the low down dirty truths that comes with be a blogger and blogging. If you are a new blogger you will go into this with positivism and a understanding of what may be ahead. If you are a seasoned you will be able to relate because you may have experienced or ran into one of the things on this list.

Well I won’t hold you for long and here goes nothings.

My 20 Low Down Dirty TRUTHS about blogging

  1. Some post will not get read by anyone (the post your put your blood, sweat and tears in may get skipped over while the spontaneous ones will get all the likes and comments)
  2. The post you think no one will read may actually blow up or be your best post ever
  3. You won’t make millions just because you start blogging , there is money in blogging but you need a presence 1st
  4. You may get a troll or 2 /negative comments. It happens to the best of us.
  5. Some days you will not know what to blog about , writers block is actually a thing
  6. You will think about scrapping your blog , even 2nd guess your blog at times and ask yourself why the hell did I start a blog again?
  7. Just because you write 1 blog post does not make you a blogger (this makes you a person who started a blog)
  8. Most blogs don’t make it past year 1(research proves this, so do your research and stick with it)
  9. Some people will just like your post but never read it. (a drive by like)
  10. Some people will just comment on your post so you can go comment on theirs (comment for comment)
  11. There is no real formula to blogging everyone has their own way
  12. Blogging is an art and that makes you a creative if you are blogging or start a blog
  13. You don’t have to blog about just 1 thing
  14. Long post vs short post. You will have to decide
  15. Your blog may turn into something totally different than you intended, once you start blogging
  16. Your subscriber to like ratio may not match most of the time
  17. Be careful, people may steal your content so protect it if you don’t want that to happen
  18. You don’t have to ever show your face on your blog , you can still blog. You can be an anonymous blogger
  19. Blogging is a way to self-discovery, you can find you voice through your blog
  20. You will meet strangers who support you more than people you know in real life

Now its your turn if you are new did you feel like any of these is something you may or may have experienced? If you are a seasoned blogger do you relate to any of these things?

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