Resetting Your Goals | Hit the Reset Button on Your Goals

More that half of the year is officially gone. Can you freaking believe it. What happen to all those goals you racked up on January 1st. New Year resolutions? New goals? Revived goals? Out of your control or in your control goals? Either way it goes, its time to review what we set our minds to and what are we going to do to keep the good goals coming.

If last year was an awesome year and or a sucky one you have to wonder why either way.

We have to ask ourselves the dreaded question of why???

Your goals must be concise but with deadlines and follow up dates.

Here is what I suggest you to do TODAY

  1. Write down 2 small goals and 2 big goals
  2. Create a deadline date on each goal even if you think its out of reach STILL put a due date
  3. Decide on when you will check in with your goals daily, weekly or monthly
  4. Do your part (whatever “your part is” that is what you need to find out BUT remember after you do your part the rest is out of your control) as long as you did your part (You can control the follow up and seeing if things are where they need to be or what can you do to get it where it needs to be)

Your Turn: How are your goals doing so far this year?

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