How to win for the Rest of 2020 [FIVE Things you can do]

Per usual it is time for me to come in and share with you that we yes we can still win in 2020. There are officially less than 50 days left in 2020 and there are some things that you can do. My best suggestion is take the next few days to make a plan and execute the plan for the rest of the days. But if you just don’t know some great things to do with the days left in 2020 well no worries ……….

Here are 5 things you can do for the rest of 2020 that will make your life better 

Get healthy– Notice I said get health or  one of my favorite phrases (befit). This is whatever being fit means to you so if that’s you walking more, eating better, cooking more meals at home and  training for a 5k or marathon. In case you are looking to lose 15lbs by the end of the year 

Checkout my Lose Weight in 17 Days Meal Planner >>HERE<<

Read 2 books– You still have time to read a book for November and December. Reading always gives you more knowledge. I suggest  you choose1 leisure book and a self help book to apply to your life immediately. My favorite reads for this year is 

The 12 Week Year >>HERE<< 

The Art & Science of Respect >>HERE<<

Think like Zuck  >>HERE<<

Find your love Language– You should take time to learn the way you want to be loved. Here is a secret that’s not a secret at all. Knowing how you like to be loved  does not only pertain to romantic relationship love but all relationships. If you know how you like to be loved then you can show people how to love you better and you can love yourself better.

Read the book Love language >>HERE<<

Find your spouse and or children’s love language- Learn the love language of those in your immediate home. This will change your relationship and shift the energy in your house if you love people how they want to be loved and not just how you want to love them.

Read the book Love language >>HERE<<

Pay It Forward– Do something randomly for someone. This gives you such a awesome feeling especially when you do it for someone you don’t know and you can see the joy someone has when you do something nice for them. For example, I was in a fast food drive through and my bill was $6 and I told the cashier I’ll pay for the person behind me, she said the bill was $21. I said that’s fine. She said do you know the person behind you? I said no. She said that is so nice of you. BUT I was not looking for her kudos. I did it because I just wanted to do something for someone else. So I drove off. The person behind me in the drive through caught up to me at the light and thanked me like he won 1mil dollars it was only $21 but its when someone does something for you without you expecting it, that gives you the warm feeling in your heart. You may not change the world but you can change the way someone views the world by paying it forward. 

Watch: The philosophy of Pay it Forward

Now it’s your turn [COMMENT] what do you plan to do with the rest of 2020?

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