How to have a “Fresh Start” to your New Year Resolution

Uh oh …did you know that today is “QUITTER”S DAY” Jan 19. There is research that says that Jan 19 of every year is the day that many people quit their new year’s resolution well 1. I want to thank Flex & Flow for sharing  this with me. Check out their latest podcast >>here<< 2.  If you don’t know me then you would know that I believe New Year’s Resolutions are for suckers. Check out my rant >>here<<

Well luckily for us Flex and Flow and I am in agreeance have decided that we will not follow the herd and we will actually call Jan 19 “FRESH START DAY”

Let;s talk facts if you needed the new year to start something then it probably wasn’t that important because if it was then you would have started way before Jan 1. Also anything worth achieving should not be attached to a high celebrated holiday anyway because there is hype invoclec that will psychologically think you really want to do a thing but then find out later  all the hype around cause you to want to do a thing when really it wasn’t something you wanted to do in the first place. 

Let’s start off with the fact that while here I will be talking about goals….. a fresh start can be from any aspect of your life. You can choose to have a fresh start with: Acceptance, Vulnerability, Processing (Grief, Hurt, Pain), Understanding, Forgiveness, Healing, and Love (or loving like you have never loved before). This is an ongoing list but I chose to mention the ones that many people could currently be thinking about but you can always and should add your own.

You have a right to not hinder yourself and start fresh where you see fit. 

5 Questions to Re-evaluate your New Year Resolution and have a fresh start 

Question 1: What did you say you would do? Pretty much what goal did you set on January 1st and why.

Question 2: Do you really want to do this? It’s a yes or a no. This is your personal review. No point to be wishy-washy here. 

Question 3: What is the goal now?

Question 4: Who will hold you accountable?

Question 5: What small steps/actions will you take towards your goals?

Voilà. You are now off to a fresh start !

Alright it’s your turn. Did you know 1.19 was quitters day? What is your new year resolution? Have you quit or will you have a fresh start today? 

Let’s go

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