How to be your Authentic Self [3 Must Do Things]

Many people say “be upir authentic self” but where should anyone start with that. I just want to share what I have learned (been burned) or have come to understand about being your true self. There are a few things any of us can work on to become one step closer to your real self. I have a list but here let’s just talk about the 3 that will benefit you forever and will need a constant fine tuning because you will change but these 3 things will remain something to c

  1. Self assessment– Know the flaws and of yourself. Pay attention to who you are and why you are. You want to remove the notion that someone can tell you about your when you have already assessed yourself. Walk away point- operate in facts not delusion 
  2. Self impression– Don’t wait for someone to be impressed with you but you must become impressed with yourself.  Walk away point- confidence comes from the inner not outer
  3. Triggers – If something evokes emotions in your whether good or bad, you need to know. If a person, place or things triggers you, it’s in your best interest to address it (if possible or necessary), not interact at all, keep the interactions to a minimum if it is a must or remove yourself entirely.  Walk away point- if anything  makes  you feel some type of way stay away or keep it minimal. 

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