Military Diet: Round 3 Complete

To celebrate my completion of round 3 of the military diet I had to get a mango-berryade smoothie.  So delicious. So the results are in. 4 lbs lost this round. 1 lb less than the last time. This time was different because. 1. I did it with my sister 2. I was strick. I did … Continue reading Military Diet: Round 3 Complete

Celebration Time:Overview of MILITARY DIET

Check out my yummy made it through military diet drink. I am weighing in on the military diet. This diet is a fad.YES I SAID IT. A FAD. Lets start with the fact that no one can or should live at such low calorie intake. Day 1- About 730(I felt okay) Day 2- About 630(I … Continue reading Celebration Time:Overview of MILITARY DIET

Invited to a challenge: 3 day Military diet..say what??

So I was there minding my business doing my work when *POPS* a email on the bottom right corner of my screen from a co-worker. She invited the whole office to participate in the military diet that you may have seen floating around on google and YouTube of people CLAIMING they have lost 7 to … Continue reading Invited to a challenge: 3 day Military diet..say what??