Invited to a challenge: 3 day Military diet..say what??

So I was there minding my business doing my work when *POPS* a email on the bottom right corner of my screen from a co-worker. She invited the whole office to participate in the military diet that you may have seen floating around on google and YouTube of people CLAIMING they have lost 7 to 10 pounds doing this so called diet.

  1. This IS NOT , I REPEAT NOT a real military diet. Whoever came up with this probably named it due to the fact that it is strict or rigorous in a sense similar to how the military operates.
  2. This is not something I would recommend to someone just starting their weight loss journey because like I mentioned above it is strict and if you are just starting this may seem difficult if you have not trained your mind and stomach for small portions of food.
  3. Each day is about 1200 calories or less. Which the bare minimum recommended for women 1200 and 1500 for men.
  4. If you do plan to do this 3 day military diet I recommend
    1. You check with your doctor or dietitian to see if this is appropriate for you
    2. If you just have to try this ONLY do this once a month and think of it as a reset for you body
    3. Buy the items provided on the list and get alternatives if you don’t like whats on the list
    4. Do it with a buddy or group for support
    5. Keep the exercise at 45 mins or less, you are already going low on calories you don’t want to put more strain on your body
    6. If you feel uncomfortable with this DON’T DO IT there are other plans and diets out there you dont have to do this one

I will be participating in this with my co-workers. I will keep you guys posted each day. So today is day one 🙂 I will have a post for you guys tonight.

Have you heard about this diet before or tried it?

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4 thoughts on “Invited to a challenge: 3 day Military diet..say what??

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    I have to say, I have seen healthier strict diets…
    I am not sure about the addition of hotdogs… there is almost nothing good in a hot dog…

    but it is worth a try, I am interested to see how it works…

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    • gojenbefit says:

      I agree with you. The combination of food choosen for this so called diet doesn’t have much substance. It truly is a fad but I have intention to do it to relay to others whether it is just a load of non-sense, maybe worth a try or if people need to stay far away from it. Thanks for your post I will be posting every night until I am finished.

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  2. jlstanding says:

    I’m glad you included the suggestion to limit exercise, because yes that’s really not a lot of calories there! I can’t say I’d try it, but sometimes it is interesting to give these things a go. You know, for science!

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