A few good men left standing. In the sense that half of the people doing the challenge with me have fallen off already.
1st of all the person who suggested this challenge is not doing it. **AWKWARD**
2nd off 2 other people are restarting tomorrow due to a luncheon they attended today.
1 other person went out with her bf and she could not resist the food they went to get. So she is restarting tomorrow as well.
Do I think they will make it through the weekend on this diet?? NO COMMENT.

Ok enough about the challenge group pretty much falling apart or should I say adapting to everyday life.

I made it pass day 2.
I only did 15 minutes of bodycombat I feel tired.
The calories today were lower than yesterday I used alternatives for crackers I did 1 rice cake and instead of cottage cheese I did 2 turkey bacon slices.
I thought I was going to crack under pressure today so I wrote in my journal and put up 3 post its with the words. Focus, Discipline and  Warrior. I had to keep my mind occupied before I ran to raid the vending machine.
I have my food packed for tomorrow.
I have seen a 1.2 lb difference from my starting weight thats pretty ok but definitely not the 7 to 10 pounds this diet promises but like everything else any of us try the results will vary. Ill be checking in tomorrow night.
Keep me in your fitness prayers.

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