Military Diet: Round 3 Complete


To celebrate my completion of round 3 of the military diet I had to get a mango-berryade smoothie.  So delicious.
So the results are in. 4 lbs lost this round. 1 lb less than the last time. This time was different because.
1. I did it with my sister
2. I was strick. I did not substitute I ate exactly what the diet said even cottage cheese (Yuck)
3. I did not excercise as much as I did last time. This time I did pilates (hey why didn’t anyone tell me pilates hurts)

But again the results vary for everyone.  Its worth a try.

1st round- I caved and couldn’t make it passed day 2 lunch- lost 1lb
2nd round- used substitutes, did cardio and lost 5lbs
3nd round- no substitutes, did pilates lost 4lbs

Total: 3 rounds (9 days) 10lbs lost

4th round starts Tuesday 10/27/15. Anybody wanna join me. Add me on instagram and  lets share our food photos and progress daily

Ig: gojenbefit

Happy Friday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Military Diet: Round 3 Complete

  1. salenaappel says:

    Omg! I’d love to join ya!
    I’ve attempted it, failed many times. But I think I could really work it if I knew of others who try or are doing it! Way to go!

    Liked by 1 person

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