Reset Sunday-GOALS

Happy Sunday to you!

Today I was thinking about how many times I have hit the reset button this year.
Summer is in 7 days can you believe it (my google alert didnt fail to remind me).
On Friday I reviwed the goals I set at the beginning of the year .

I had 3 goals I wrote down. I didn’t wanna call them new years resolution because ummmmmm …. I just don’t stick to those things.  All of them are STILL IN PROGRESS.

My goals for 2015:
-Lose 40lbs by May (This has been changed)
-Purchase my home by November (My loan application is in the underwriters hands and I have been approved but must provide 1 more documentation)
-Change career from office admin to education ( starting a non profit eductaion consulting firm, submitting 1st paper to secretary of state)

I have hit reset every time I noticed that I was off track and here to share with you that its middle of the year , review your goals and see if you need to hit reset.

Heres  how to hit reset:
1.Write down your goals or re-read them
2. Evaluate are they still what you want to do or have they changed?
3. Have you seen progress in any goal?
4. What are the next 3 steps toward making each goal a success?
5. Decide and write down/put in your phone calendar the next time you plan to evaluate your goals.

Don’t hesistate to HIT THE RESET BUTTON on your goals or even life. At anytime you can pull your self out of a rut.

Tell me about the goals you set this year.

Have you hit reset on a goal latey? Have your goals changed ? How ofte. Do you review your goals?

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