News flash: This is for YOU not me !

So I am flattered that people close to me such as family, friends and co-workers trust that they can ask me questions about weight loss and exercise.

I have gotten questions about:





What to eat /What not to eat

Meal plans

How long to work out

When to rest


Yes. I am glad to share with anyone what I have learned on my journey thus far ( I am still on my journey and still learning daily).

But like I had to learn others need to as well.

I can :

Give you a workout regimen or circuit idea but YOU have to do it

Give you a meal plan but YOU have to follow and stick to it

Share a juice recipe but YOU have to make it and drink it

Tell you what I’ve read about weight loss but YOU have to research yourself

Loan you an exercise DVD but YOU have to commit to watching and doing it

Tell you about the gym but YOU have to sign up and show up

You guys get my drift!!!!

The moral of this post is. We can read, investigate, google for answers and get guidance from others but the common factor in all of this is YOU.

YOU have to put in the work to get the results YOU want to see.

Have you ask others for help on your weight loss? Did you depend on others to do the work for you ? Who is responsible for your weight loss success or fail?

Thanks for reading!

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