Week 1: Les Mills Combat -COMPLETE


My PT introduced me to bodycombat. I finally purchased my own home dvd.
Lets first start by me stating I had no idea Les Mills bodycombat was a beachbody program (wow I have been in a cave).
What I did:
5 days /2 rest days
Bodycombat 30-2 DAYS (Did it, No Prob)
Bodycombart 45-1 DAY (Sweated so much my butt was drenched)
HIIT- 1 DAY(WTF who came up with this)
PLYO HIT-1 DAY(FML why oh why did I buy and commit to this)

-I am not as good at bodycombat as I thought in my mind
-My PT has been modifying some moves for me after seeing these dvds
-Warm ups and cool downs really matter
-Its okay to listen to my body and take water breaks
-I like the bodycombat music I really do

Week 1 Done, 8 more to go
5 days of 60

Have you done a at home program? Did you complete the whole thing?

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