Reset Wednesday: Investment

Investing is a must no matter what we are doing.

But the best person to invest in is yourself so that you can be an asset to others.

You will have to invest your money, time, effort and know how.

Have you ever looked at something you wanted to do and thought to yourself, “this will take too long? this will cost too much? can I actually do this? what will i have to learn?” These  are questions we all ask ourselves at times but if that something will benefit you and enhance your life in the long run then you should look at it from an an investment point of view.

If you approach something you desire to do from a investment point of view:

  • You will not worry about how long something will take just enjoy the process
  • You will not worry about what it will cost because it will return more than what you are paying out now in the future
  • You will not question whether you can do something because you will find a way and push through until the end
  • You will not question what you will learn because you will be excited to receive knowledge about this thing that you desire

This is from me to you. Lets not question ourselves any longer.

Lets start investing in ourselves and the things we wish to accomplish NOW. Lets not wait for later because it is not promised.

Have you invested in yourself lately?

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