Do you see some people that walk around in yoga gear but don’t even know what child pose is? Do you see some people in gym clothes but aren’t headed to workout ANYWHERE(walk,run, gym, cross fit,class) ? Have you seen people come to the gym take a selfie and leave? Have you seen people intentionally post a apple and water on Instagram claiming that’s their lunch but you were with them when the bought a double bacon cheese burger with fries for lunch? Have you seen people dressed in workout clothes and take photos in a park and CLAIM they just worked out but didn’t? These people my friends are FITNESS IMPOSTORS

  • Claiming to workout but DON”T
  • Only doing fitness as a fad
  • Pretending to be a fitness guru but haven’t researched or gotten certified in ANYTHING
  • Doing fitness to gain popularity


  • Workout weekly, are consistent and committed
  • Eat right for their health not for Instagram or Facebook fame
  • Give others their advice because they KNOW the STRUGGLE AND SLOW PROGRESS
  • Share what they researched and learned for the love of helping others not popularity

I’ve experienced a few fitness impostors. They are funny people because they know so little but claim to know so much and I’m a “show me what you got type of girl”, half of these impostors probably wouldn’t last 15 minutes in a workout. Why be an impostor when you can actually do what you claim to be doing ?

Have you experienced a Fitness Impostor? Do you have an impostor story? Are some of your family and or friends impostors?

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