Check Yourself: No Shaming here

So I went out this weekend. Hanging with friends and family. Someone felt it was okay to sit next to me and talk about people who were overweight in the restaurant.

Let me state why that is so tacky for me and the person doing it 

  • You and I were just (and technically BMI says I am still obese) in that persons shoes
  • We don’t know that persons issue (emotional, physical or medical)
  • We are NOT EXPERTS I repeat…WE ARE NOT EXPERTS just because we lost a couple of pounds
  • We should not judge because it hurt when others did it to us even when we didn’t admit it
  • The weight of a person shouldn’t dictate who they are but their heart should

Losing weight does not render you the weight-police.

Losing weight does not mean you get to look down at others because of where their weight.

Losing weight does not mean you get to force weight loss, workouts, meal plans or suggestions down peoples throat.

Help others if they ask but keep those tasteless, nasty, and rude ass comments to yourself.

Oh yeah… making fun of peoples weight says more negative about YOU than them.

Do you see or hear people who have loss weight talk negatively about others?

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The photo does not belong to me. I retrieved it from Pinterest.

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