Question anything that can change your life

So if you are new to my blog… welcome take a virtual seat please and thank you for visiting.

About a month ago I wrote a 2 post about applying to 2 jobs First post and Second post . One as a trainee and one as a lead for social work. My applications were denied because of my lack of attention to detail. I did not provide the correct documentation they needed. I then send them the correct information needed.

Well I took a leap and emailed about my status being that I supplied my documents exactly 1 month ago.

I got a acceptance to test for the trainee position which was expected because I got it last year and I will be studying for this exam.

I got a rejection  for the lead position which I more or less knew I would get because I can’t just jump in to a position at a high level.

Moral of this post

Question why something is not given to you, especially if it is something that you desire in your life.


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