Master Cleanse: I kicked your butt,but you put up a good fight

5 days..11.8lbs loss…. planning…will power.. co-workers( who stick cookies and bacon in your face after you have told them you are on a cleanse) sounds like mumbo jumbo but let me tell you how I got involved in doing this cleanse in the first place.

MY SISTER… yes the same sister that talked me into doing the green smoothie cleanse for 8 days has yet again talked me into doing  the master cleanse.

She said she would do the full 10 days. I said I would do 3 days . Well my 3 days turned into 5 because I am such a trash talker , I said I could go more days and of course my sister CHALLENGED ME… well challenge accepted.

You need:

  • Bags of lemons
  • Purified water
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Grade B maple syrup
  • Sea Salt non-iodized
  • Smooth move tea
  • and BALLS (you gotta have balls  if you want to do this)

Here is what I used to do the master cleanse >>HERE<<

Day 1 was great

Day 2 was good

Day 3 was okay

Day 4 I felt like crap, miserable and hungry … I was getting tired of the smell of lemons

Day 5 I had a boost of greenery because I knew it was almost over

Feelings I had while on this cleanse were up and down

  • I feel great
  • I feel like crap
  • Why am I torturing my self
  • If I took a bite of this cake no one would know
  • I am I suppose to fee like this
  • sea salt cleanse who came up with this mess
  • Its almost over
  • I am fine
  • I got this
  • Why am I talking to my self more frequently

It definitely cleanses you. It is something I believe everyone should try but be careful. If you feel absolutely uneasy doing this cleanse then don’t do it because there are so many other cleanse options out there.

Have you done the lemon master cleanse before?

Here is what you need to do the master cleanse >>HERE<<

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