Holiday Weight Loss | How to get Back on Track

Turkey day is done and it’s time for us to get back on track. Like many other holidays we are faced with desserts, entrees and drinks that are so hard to resist. We indulge and have fun while the holiday is here but some on us find yourself feeling guilty, like we did something wrong.

STOP, why would you feel back about enjoying yourself.

Let’s talk about 5 things you can do to get yourself back on track after a holiday has come and gone


  • Acknowledge: You recognize that you may have a few slices a cake extra. Acknowledge it and move on boo, no point in dwelling on what is done.


  • Detox: This is a good time to decide to try 1 or 2 days or liquids only or something like JJ Smiths green smoothie cleanse
  • New way of eating: This could be a good time to try a stricter eating regimen like calorie counting and low carb.

Work out

  • Doubles: Right after a holiday you should incorporate 2 days of doubles. This is where you work out twice for the day.
  • Half calorie burn: For example if you calorie in-take is 1400 then 2 days out of the week after the holiday decide that you will work out half the calories you eat. So 1400 calories would mean you would intentionally burn 700 calories.

Now if you need somewhere to re-start your weight loss journey, I have somethings that can assist you

Free Goodies — These freebies are great if your life free stuff and don’t mind DIYs, it’s a quick place to start your weight loss online.

★One Day Low Carb Meal Plan |

Need a place to start with a meal plan well here is one and low carb is very popular so this may get you started on the right foot if you need it

Affordable Goodies— You have a little cash, time to better your fitness and health. You’re okay with pacing yourself, in a course or audiobook or planner, then I got you and your fitness boo!

Sexy Slim down Audio Book $7


This shows you start your weight loss journey. All you have to do is listen and take action.

Become a fitness goal assassin $47


This is a course I put together with my videos and some pdfs along with a few bonuses I believe would be helpful to you to start your weight loss journey or get back on track TODAY!

It’s your turn…tell me what do you do to get back on track after a holiday?

Just an FYI if you read this far

Next Weight loss Challenge 1/8/18-1/15/18 (7 DAYS)

Keep your eye out for that email to register

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