3 Awesome Fitness Goals for Summer

Summer is here and it seems like we were just saying “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” We are half way through the year and many of us have let our new year resolutions or goals go a long time ago and we are looking forward to the fun in the sun. You can make some fun summer goals that line up with your fitness goals. The best part is majority of us can do at least one of the things listed below!  Check them out below.

  1. Go Vegan or Vegetarian for a week – This summer if you haven’t already, try going vegan or vegetarian to see if you like it or if it is a lifestyle change that you can adapt ( As I write this I am on day 3 of vegetarian… I’m going for 14 days)
  • My current favorite book about becoming vegetarian/ vegan is Skinny bitch
  • New book of the month the 22 days Nutrition book ( Beyoncé Approved)
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  1. Run a 5k – You can train for a 5k. Not all 5ks are competitive. You can grab your spouse, kids , friends or family and go to a 5k and have fun just being apart of it. NO PRESSURE.


  1. Try a Yoga Class– Try a yoga class, see if you can do a warrior pose without thinking twice , test your flexibility “namste” Befit Family.


  • Water/Juice fast for 3 days – Try a 3-day water or juice fast. There is something about fasting that really tests your will power. My favorite juice book is JJ Smith’s 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
  • Attend a fitness conference– These are totally fun, and you get a sneak peak on what new in the health and fitness industry, fitness programs and products are coming out later in the year.

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What are your summer goals? 

7 thoughts on “3 Awesome Fitness Goals for Summer

  1. aestheticvogue says:

    Really great goals! I love doing yoga and it’s something I want to keep doing and getting better at.

    I have a new post up on my blog if you’d like to check it out aestheticvogue.com 💗


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