The Importance of Personal Development During Weight Loss

There are thousands of self help books but are they specifically for weight loss. Many of our weight gain has to do with underlining issues like stress management, self esteem, confidence , consistency and all that good stuff so it would make sense for Personal Development to be o the top of our list while on our weight loss journey.

Well….personal development on the weight loss journey doesn’t mean you must get all the latest’s self-help books and fill your playlist with all motivational things (while this is helpful) but that is not all self-help is about. It is imporatnt to take your personal development for weightloss in 4 Steps serioourlys! Yazzzz you heard it right! It’s possible if you’re following some of the powerful steps I swear by and use them every single day consistently!

Here are my top 4 steps to stay focused, be more productive, get through all your weightloss journey like a pro!


  • Read books for self-help & fun


1 books that change my life while on the weight loss journey

Psycho Cybernetics | Get it >>HERE<<



  • Have a planner for your life and all things in between


I have 2 planner 1 for work and 1 for my life and business

Shinning Mom Blog make my favorite printable planners  | Get it >>HERE<<



  • Use a journal to jot down your feelings


I have a whole bunch of journal I usually just grab a few from my local discount store



  • Self-care do something that has nothing to do with weight loss  so you do not burn out


I’m all about self care and doing a wellness check. Here is the >>list<< I use to do my self care checks weekly and monthly


Make sure to check out the YouTube Video “Personal Development Weightloss”  to learn how I apply these steps to my everyday life. I’ll be exploring each step-in depth in a future video, but in the meantime, I highly recommend you start doing these steps today!

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Watch the YouTube Video

What is your personal development on the the weight loss journey?

Your Favorite Fitness Coach,


-Shine every damn day!

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5 thoughts on “The Importance of Personal Development During Weight Loss

  1. thebrightside247 says:

    Your are so right! It is important to look at the whole picture. I am a teacher who is starting over in the fitness world. I need to lose weight, and I want to start swimming again. But, I have to admit that I am worried once school starts since I work crazy long hours in semi-stressful environment. So you are absolutely write, for I need to start looking at ways to help me personally. Great article!

    Liked by 1 person

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