Got support? Weight loss

No one will care about your weight loss journey like you well that can go for all things in life but for this purpose we will stick to weight loss. Not everyone you share your new goal of starting or already started your weight loss  journey may not be as supportive as we think or would want others to be.

Support may not come in large amounts for various of reasons

  1. Some people just don’t care about what you are doing
  2. Some people don’t want to support you until they see results or see how serious you are
  3. Some people struggle with weight themselves so they may not have the energy to support you when they are trying to encourage themselves
  4. Some people may think you are fine the way you are
  5. Some people may not want you to change because your confidence may shift up or they may feel awkward around the new you

If you find your self with family, significant others, friends and co-worker whom are not supportive you can

  1. Find support online through forums, dietbet (has been a good one for me), groups that are in your local neighborhood try searching Meetup
  2. Use a program with support like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or other well known programs that have weekly meetings, coached or conference calls
  3. Start your own online support or in person support group
  4. Only discuss your weight loss with those who have encouraged you
  5. Use a journal to write down how you feel if you can not talk to others
  6. Do positive self talk on a daily basis or use post-its to keep yourself encouraged


YOUR weight loss journey is just that, it is yours to walk,complete and accomplish no one else. I wish others were as supportive as we see in the movies but the truth is some people around us just wont be. But don’t let that stop you from making progress and sticking to it. Seek support through other outlets and push forward with your weight loss journey.

Have people supported your weight loss? Do you get support outside your family and friends?

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Happy Friday


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