Dietbet- Weightloss

In my previous post about finding supporting while on a weight loss journey I mentioned dietbet being a good source of support for me.


Like I did before I knew about dietbet, you may be asking what the HECK is dietbet? Briefly this is an online community where you can search games that you can be apart of that allow you to bet a few bucks on your weight loss. You bet on your self when you win ( AND YOU WILL) you get your $ back and some of others who do not reach their weight loss goal. There are different options from the dates , amount you want to bet and short term and long term games.

If you know about diet bet and you are iffy about it please feel free to ask me about my experience.. email me

I joined because I wanted to put my $ where my mouth was and stay accountable and share with others who knew what it felt like to be on a weight loss journey counting the 0.2 0.4 0.6 losses you get the picture

I have won 2 bets so far and resulted in 24 pounds dropped. So I decided now that I;ve participated in 2 bets I want to host my own bet. One bet was interactive, different people sharing their stories and lots of encouragement. One bet was supportive but not as interactive as my previous one.

What you may gain from joining my dietbet (or any dietbet)

  1. Encouragement from others doing the same thing you are trying to do loose weight
  2. Share your goals with others
  3. Gain accountability when weighing in and out
  4. Ask questions to others that you wouldn’t ask people not on a weight loss journey
  5. Proving to yourself that a weight goal can be set and accomplished in a certain amount of time

My diet bet is $15 you bet on yourself

Start 5/24/15 ends the first day of summer 6/21/15

If you win and (YOU WILL WIN) you get your $15 back and loose 4% of your body weight 🙂 

Would you bet on you? Will you being joining my diet bet or any diet bet? Have you ever done a diet bet or something similar?

If you want a personal invite to my diet bet email me  or just register to play with the link below

Check out my dietbet

Got questions please ask me


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