You’re gonna F yourself -Weight Loss

Yes most of us have done it.

Unless you’re some super bio-galactic human

More than likely you have F-ed yourself

Now that I got your attention. Take a virtual seat.

Get your head out of the gutter.

I meant

You’re gonna FAIL yourself. Yes and it is okay. Breathe in and exhale yes everything in your weight loss journey or this can be applied to any goal,  will not go exactly as planned. There will be a lapse in the goal you set out to accomplish whether you procrastinate, make a fast decision, make no decision, or just plan ole choose wrong.

Failing yourself can actually be a good thing. If you fail yourself you can learn to 

  1. Start over , one fail doesn’t mean stop, it means try another way 
  2.  Evaluate where you went wrong and how to avoid it next time
  3.  Pinpoint a trigger,internal or external force ( pretty much are you responsible for the outcome or were there other factors)
  4. Acknowledge your fail and move on. Sulking in the fail will not change anything. Action beyond the fail changes things
  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself about a fail because the world does that enough to you. Don’t beat yourself up

I am NOT saying you are a failure nor you will fail at everything you do but I am saying when the FAIL comes (this is life and it will come), greet it with a vengeance, kick its butt and keep going.

Have you failed at something and thought it was the end of the world? How do you make a negative into a positive? What do you do to bounce back into your routine?

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