No code to crack- Weight Loss

I recently wrote a Kindle book well more like a worksheet about 4 pages. Nothing fancy just me sharing with others that you don’t need to go looking for secrets to being successful because you already have all the secrets and you already KNOW WHAT TO DO

If you want to be successful at most things do this:

  1. Set a goal
  2. Invest in ways to pertain that goal
  3. Seek help
  4. Execute consistently


You don’t need a fancy 287 page book to tell you that, you don’t need a $3,000 seminar to tell you that or a $29.95 product for the next 12 months to tell you that.

You already know this, so why are you making this hard. This may actually contradict what I have said in my Kindle book (worksheet) There is a part where I say invest your $ and time in whatever you do which is different from just buying a get instant results product

Invest in yourself vs. invest in a instant result product

Learn to mediate or learn yoga may cost $50 every 2 weeks or Buy pills that “claim” you will loose 15 pounds in a month with weekly supply of the pills.

Learning to meditate or yoga may cost $50 but you will know techniques and strategies once its done as well as you can stop paying because you have learned to do it on your own.

Buying a product that you must purchase every week to get results keeps you chained to that product and never weened off, making you a forever consumer which that is what these products aim to do, they want to keep you coming back for more.

Check out my book

Success: There is no code to crack: YOU ALREADY HAVE THE CODE

It states more in depth what I am trying to say here. Even if you don’t check it out the 4 points listed at the top are good enough

Have you set a goal? How will you achieve it? Do you ask for help when needed? Are you consistent about your goal?

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