Old Me, wont leave me alone :( Weight Loss

So I heard a great quote from Eric Thomas like a day ago,  he said

Your new you has to be strong enough to outlast your old you

Oh man has that been the story of my life. The old me just won’t leave me alone. It actually has crept back up.

I was gun-ho on getting down to 187. A full 50 lbs loss. Yes I did, okay but NOW WHAT?? The old me along with horrible eating habits returned like this and in no particular order.

I ate :

Gummi Worms

Ice cream




Chinese food


and drank soda

I had to check my self ..No no girly that is the old you wanting to gain back those 50 lbs and return back to square one feeling sluggish, dis-satisfied with my appearance and not working out.

Well I am preparing to go to war with myself and outlast my old me which will result in a life long better me.

Have you reached a goal and thought okay now what? What did you do to re-group yourself?

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2 thoughts on “Old Me, wont leave me alone :( Weight Loss

  1. misstaylorp29 says:

    I love this! Girl you are NOT alone! This Memorial Day weekend was also my hubbys bday so we had cake, ribs, icecream, sodas, chips, etc. not to mention that I went 3 days without getting a workout in. Today, I opened the fridge and reached for some potato salad and had to slap myself and say, “no! You are better than that!” and opted for some carrot sticks instead then got in a killer leg workout. Sometimes you just need to binge and enjoy yourself though!


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