All hail the SCALE- Weightloss

Some of us look to the scale to decipher whether we are progressing or not.

Yes the scale does give you a number for a start and where you wanna be.

But it is not the all in all to judge whether or not you are making progress or not.

There are things beyond the scale that can tell you that you are making progress.

Beyond the scale:

  • Shirt fits looser
  • Pants are not snug
  • You can fit into something from 5 years ago
  • Your workout time has increased
  • Your shoes fit looser
  • You can breathe regular walking up the stairs
  • Dress size has decreased
  • Your bra/boxers/undies size has decreased
  • You can keep up with your exercise group
  • You can touch your toes
  • You can cross your legs
  • A regular towel fits around your body

My Beyond the scale:

Shirt – 1Xl to M

Pants- 18 to 12

Dress- 16 to 12

Undies- 10 to 7 and 42 to 36

Do you notice things beyond the scale? Have you seen a few changes?

Share what you have noticed besides what the scale says  !

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Citation Image:

How to Use Bath Room Scale. Digital image. Overstock. Hannah Rice Myers, n.d. Web. 18 June 2015.

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