Product Friday: Waist Trimmer or Waist band!!!! Do they work?


Waist trimmers work can be a tool for you. Woman or man.

I purchased my waist trimmer from walmart.  Its a Golds gym brand. Cost me $18. One of the best things I purchased.  Especially to control and slim down this tummy.
The main question I get from family and friends is.

NO-If you just put it on and think you will magically strink..then you dear friend are saldy mistaken. .just putting it on will do NOTHING FOR YOU.

Yes- It does work if you workout with it on. Even better to produce more sweat during a workout wrap your belly with seran wrap ..cost $1-3 from your local store and if you want to produce even more sweat …grease your belly with Albolene (check the photo above or google) cost me $16 found it at Walgreens but they have it at rite aid, walmart and cvs. It will be in the make-up section. I bought mine in March and I still have half a bottle.

Routine goes like this
-Rub Albolene on your belly and your sides
-Wrap seran wrap around your entire mid-section
-Then place waist trimmer or band aound over seran wrap
-Then work out

Both waist trimmer and bands can work.  Waist trimmers are more durable and provide back support.  Waist bands are flimsy and become unfirm after 3 or uses. Waist trimmers can range from $15 to $75  while waist bands can range from $5 to $30.


The waist trimmer or band may slide over the seran wrap. Be prepared keep pulling it down to stay in place.  The seran wrap may be noisy the first time you put it on but squish the air pockets down and you shouldn’t have a problem after that.

This did help me shrink my belly. I wrap 90% of the time I workout.

This is something I tried and it helped me. But please do your research before you decide to wrap or purchase any of the items. These items were purchased with my own monies.

Have you ever wrapped your stomach with seran wrap? Do you have a waist trimmer or band or trainer?

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