FINISH 2015 STRONG- You navigate your own ship

Not too long ago some of us were setting new years resolutions and screaming out HAPPY NEW!!

Well the dust has settled and half the year is GONE.

Today is July 1st that brings us to the 3rd quarter of the year.

There is still time to get what you want out of this year.


Lack of energy 

No motivation


Disappointments, hurt and pain

Negative vibes and aura

Negative people

Self Sabotage

Now that we have listed some of things that may have caused you to lose sight of what you wanted out of 2015 lets get ourselves back on track.

  1. Write down at least 10 things that have gone good/you have accomplished up until today. Think deep we all have great things that have been happening for us this year.
  2. Write down 5 things you know that you can accomplish by the end of the year. I want 2 of those things to be BIG and I mean BIG we all can write down 5 regular easy to reach goals for the rest of the year but making some of them big simply means RAISE THE STAKES. PLAY BIG WIN BIG.
  3. Share those goals with someone that will be supportive as well as hold you accountable. A friend, significant other, pastor, your pet (may not give you much feedback), or even the barista at your favorite Starbucks. I don’t care whom you choose to share your goals with just make sure the person will hold you to what you say and not be negative.
  4. Talk is cheap so I need you to WRITE IT DOWN, CREATE A VISUAL, TAKE ACTION
  5. TAKE ACTION. I REPEAT, TAKE ACTION.. Get that booty moving..Create a plan and EXECUTE.
  6. Last but NOT least pray and honor whomever or whatever you believe in because that’s what will allow you to accomplish your goals. Be humble and modest. None of us can get success without a MOST HIGH ( didn’t mean to go religious on you but this is what I believe)

This is the 3rd quarter of the year… I want you to quarterback this thing so come December 31, 2015 you can enter 2016 and say “I DID ALL OFF THAT! I’m ready to do it all over again PLUS MORE”

What goals did you have when you came into 2015? Are your goals manifesting? Will you set new goals for the rest of 2015?

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