Approached by herbalife representative?


Ok so as I worked out at my local gym I was approached by a herbalife rep.
Not going to bash herbalife. 
I just don’t believe in pills or drinks that claim to assist you in weightloss. Because:
-They usually cost a ridiculous amount of money
-They usually work as you become addicted to using it.  The minute you stop using them you gain the weight back faster than you loss it.
-Some of the people peddling an Item may not have even used it.
– You get suckered into memberships, buying shakes, packaged food, pills that will turn into you being dependent on those product for what they hope is a lifetime to keep them in business.  
-Some of these diet programs prey on people who are eager for fast results



Have you used ANY supplements, pills or drinks on your weightloss?  Did they help? Or was it just a sales pitch?

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2 thoughts on “Approached by herbalife representative?

  1. andijsinger says:

    I’ve never used much in the way of weight loss products, but I like BCAAS… Herbalife is a great company, but their products and sales opportunities are not easy end-all solutions to all of your problems.

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  2. 4 Paths To Wellness says:

    I use Melaleuca’s GC Control shakes to help me control my sugar levels. They work. As far as fitness and weight loss the only thing that really works there is hard work and determination. There are no easy short cuts to losing weight and more importantly keeping it off once it’s gone.

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