70lbs down: Comments along the way

You are prettier now…as if I wasnt before
You inspire me…little ole me inspiring others
You must starve yourself…hell no I love to eat are you out of your mind
I want to look like you… no you want to look like yourself
Can you write down what you eat for me…no you need to find what works for you, the foods I like maybe the food you hate
Can we workout together. ..sure but I don’t do girlie workouts if thats what you think so strap up for a kick ass workout
You should stop losing weight ,you are getting TOO skinny.. don’t worry I know what im doing for my body
Can you be my trainer. ..I would love to but I WILL not lie to you I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH
You look good what are you doing…eating and working out.

Moral of this post is there will be negative and positive comments on your journey some will be downers and others will be uplifting but for the sake of your own journey keep going.

What comments have you gotten on your weightloss journey?  Negative?  Positive?  Please share.

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2 thoughts on “70lbs down: Comments along the way

  1. resultscity says:

    I’ve been told that I look thinner/great, called “manorexic” for opting out of fast food and eating healthy, called chubby, & told to enjoy life a little and have more candy and fried food. If you look at the people who gave those comments, their lifestyle played a major role in their responses.


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