Round # 2: Weekend Warrior (Self Love) Weight-loss


Happy Friday my loves and lovelies!

Last weekend I needed to keep on track and I found that the weekends are where I go astray when it comes down to my weight loss journey.

Its something about the weekend that says

  • Treat yourself
  • Eat junk
  • You can start again Monday
  • Its just 1 glass of wine, just a few fries , only a few bites of a burger, only 1 candy bar
  • Its within my calorie intake

Yes I have said all these things out loud and in my mind but its nothing wrong with fitting a treat in BUT the WHOLE day should not be filled with only treats.

Last weekend I had success with being a #weekendwarrior

  1. Staying within my calorie intake
  2. Eating 80 clean and 20 of other foods (lol lets not get outta hand here I still had foods I love)
  3. Worked out  each day elliptical and body combat
  4. Monday weigh in was GREAT 166.4lbs 71 pounds down oh yes the sweet victory

But this weekend I want to incorporate self love into this

Love and take care of yourself:

  • Feed your body good things ( you wouldn’t give your child junk all day, would you?)
  • Embrace yourself as you would embrace others (free your mind, take a walk, its okay to be alone to clear your mind)
  • Listen to you body and thoughts write them down (Is your body saying its tired, needs water, want to get something off your chest, have you spoken with your higher being lately, pray)
  • Be joyous about who you are now and where you want to be (Look at you, you are GREAT recognize that and press on)
  • Get active, find fun things to do and or be charitable helping others actually makes you feel good

Join the movement ..well… can I call it that.

Join me in being a weekend warrior focusing on self love (your mind, your body, your soul)

Lets put our selves in perspective so we can clearly understand ourselves and others

Again Happy Friday and Fight on

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#weightloss #selflove #weekendwarrior

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