Product Thursday: Waist Trainer


I’ve weighed in on waist trimmers and waist bands.
Well those no longer provide tightness around my stomach because of weight loss so I searched for the more heavier artillery lol a sports waist trainer.
As I said before these items are good tools to assist you with your weightloss. Just wearing a waist band, trimmer or trainer will not slim down your belly this actually needs to be worn while working out.
1. This helps flatten your stomach
2. Produces lots of sweat during a workout
3. Will help drop water weight around mid section
4. Helps with posture and supports back
5. May be worn under clothing to *give apperance/illusion* of hour glass figure

Being the deal hunter I am I searched around and saw pretty much the same waist trainers in 3 colors, same description and different prices. Many people on youtube suggested of course companies they are reviewing for, others suggested amazon. My sister told me about a groupon of $30 so I was a little skeptical because they didnt give a company it just said a location in Florida,  gave you a size chart and colors . I figured what the hell.. I have spent $30 on worst things. But when it showed up in the mail, I have used it for 2 workouts so far and I must say I am impressed and its definitely a deal worth more than $30 but im glad I got it for that price.

Checked out my previous post on this topic. http://

Do you have a waist band, waist trimmer or waist trainer?
Are yoy thinking about doing it?
Have any questions?

Ask me

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