Confession #1 of my weight-loss journey: SHOPPING

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER) . I was glad to get all dolled up and show off this new body. But little did I know that I was going to have an issue shopping for what I was going to wear.

When on this journey I got caught up in how I would look. “Which is great may I add”(there i go getting caught up again) but I didn’t think about ..even shopping would make my emotions be all over the place.

CONFESSION #1: I have this new slimmer body but I don’t know how to dress it and stirred up different feelings.

Here is what happened yesterday

  • I went to 10 stores and just could not navigate
  • I picked up things that were the size I use to be
  • I felt out of place in the smaller section, I am use to heading to the plus size section of the store
  • I felt like the smaller clothes were to skimpy, prostitute looking or just trashy ( I don’t want to be one of those people who think just because I loss weight that gives me a right to be half naked)
  • Every time I tried something on I just could not gauge my size. Some things I picked up were XL out of habit and others were just too small

First I thought maybe I shouldn’t go, she will understand ( yeah right who was I kidding)

Then, I started to say to my self just wear what I have.

But that’s a problem and why I am shopping.


ALL MY PANTS ARE FALLING OFF… even the new ones I just bought they have this saggy crotch area thing going on

Shirts are big, bra’s are loose

Even some of my gym pants have the soggy crotch thing going on but lets leave this on a high note.

If you are on or plan to be on a weight loss journey please take into consideration all these changes THAT WILL HAPPEN.

Please prepare yourself for the improved body.

This includes (short list) 

  • Shopping ( this is my topic but not the only thing to keep in mind)
  • The way people will treat you (some people will all of a sudden want to be your friend or others will not want to be around you)
  • Confidence and self-esteem ( you will either gain or increase what you already had)
  • You inspiring others ( people will start to look to you for advice and encouragement)
  • You making a silent statement by getting fit ( your results will speak volumes you won’t have to say a word)

This journey comes with more than just healthy eating, work outs and gym selfies. This journey will change your life!!

Have you had a hard time shopping for yourself after weight-loss? Did you think that a weight-loss journey was all lilies and roses?(I admit I did)


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