Product Friday: Citrus Kick from Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice has joined the rush of real juicing. Well freshly squeezed juices. Not there usually smoothie-ish type of juice.

Juicing has taken off as a thing in the last few years. Popular juicing cleanses and detox are all over the place now.

So why wouldn’t the most well known juicery “Jamba Juice” not get in on this juice craze.

They have a full menu of freshly squeezed juices and cold pressed juices 13 juice flavors to be exact.

These juices had the options of low calorie compared to many other items on their menu. One juice was  as low as 100 calories for a 12 oz.

I tried the Freshly squeezed Citrus kick.

Citrus kick includes:

Apple Juice

Orange Juice



The ginger was light, the pineapple was more over powering. When I drank the drink I could literally chew small piece of pineapple. Overall it was tasty and I will be going back for another.

Calories wise I got a 12oz which had 160 calories but the intake of sugar 31g and carbs 38g were a little high for just one drink. So I wouldn’t drink this everyday but definitely a weekend treat.

Their larger cups

16oz-Calories 210 Sugar 41g Carbs 51g

22oz- Calories 260 Sugar 51g Carbs 63g

Happy Friday!

Have you had Jamaba Juice freshly squeezed or cold pressed juices? Did you like it? Where do you get your juices from? Do you make your own juices?

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