Discount/99 Cents Store: Weight-loss items BUDGET friendly :)

So I understand that starting a weight loss journey and or healthy living can be intimidating.

Most of all it can be PRICEY at times especially since there are so many advertised and promoted products that are expensive.

Don’t run out just yet or if you have already WAIT don’t buy another thing until you have checked out your local discount/99 cent store

The discount/99 cent store usually operates like this you will find some of your everyday products there but other times they will have gotten a special shipment of something and you have to get it before its gone. Most times there are new items coming in and out of a discount/99 cent store so please check it out.

Things that can be found at the discount/99 cent store

  • Water bottles: If you are going to be working out you will need a water bottle or two. Nothing beats getting it for $1 or $2
  • Topper ware: Oh yes you will need to pack your lunch or meal plan and I just saw a 10 pc topper ware set for $1 oh man I would have bought it but I have so many now but hey $1 you can’t beat that
  • Measuring cups: Different colors and you can measure your food if you don’t like counting calories. Measuring always comes in handy and $1 is great
  • Workout Items: I’ve seen jump ropes, waist bands, 2 lbs weights, step counters and sweat head bands
  • Lunch bags: Colorful, different designs,spacious and usable. $1 to pack your lunch and snacks
  • Snacks: I have seen Special K bars, zero calorie water , oatmeal and rice cakes all for $1
  • Produce: (Not everyone has a produce section at their discount store but if you do get some of your veggies and fruit from there) For example my discount store gets new things Tuesday mornings. So I head over their Tuesday night because the items are fresh and less crowded. Produce I have gotten from the discount/99 cent store are carrots,cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, apples, oranges, pears , peaches, cherries and watermelon. Fresh not out of a can. All for a $1 each.

These are just a few items that I have personally purchased from my local discount/99 cent store. I have even seen meat at the 99 cent store but I rather get that from a market/deli but everything else is fair game.

Do you think healthy living or a weight loss journey is expensive? Comment, Like, Share and Subscribe

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