Why are great things happening for everyone but me ?

Silvia just got engaged to her boyfriend of 1 year.

Have you seen Jill, she lost 50 lbs? “She is looking good and slim”

Did you know Cory  just got promoted ?

Maria just bought her first house and she is only 25.

Kevin just went to the army and gets to live in Hawaii.

Mark bought him a motorcycle.

Angela is having her first child.

Leslie just started her own business and its doing great.

Cameron just landed his dream job.

Ashley just got her MBA and was asked to public speak for $500

Does any of the above look familiar? Similar?

Have you sat and asked yourself …why isn’t any of this happening to me or for me?

Have you looked at your instagram, facebook or twitter lately and it seems like everybody has something going on but you?

I’m here to offer you some of my teeny tiny advice

Remember that some things will happen when the time is right like having a baby and getting married…well depends on your circumstance

Its not just you. Most of us have been in the moment where we THINK our life is not moving as fast as others but THATS NOT TRUE.

You should take inventory of all the great things that have happened for you in the past year and I BET YOU , there have been great things happening in you life. GRATITUDE PEOPLE …. gra-ti-tude

There is also that part of me that has to question, what have you done to MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE .. Have you become complacent? Happy with just getting by ? What ACTIONS have you taken to get the ball rolling in your life?

If you want great things to happen for you: DO THIS NOW

  • Decide you want something better for yourself. Not to compete with others but DO IT FOR YOU
  • Choose what you want to work on, create a plan of attack and give it a realistic time frame
  • Take time to reflect on what you want to work on, why and will it benefit you 1, 3, or 5 years from now
  • Don’t compare but congratulate. You should be happy for others in their success because you would want genuine congratulations when it is your turn ( because your turn for success will come follow the above bullets)
  • My favorite TAKE ACTION, even a small action, make a move not an excuse
  • Track your progress, don;t just write down a goal and let it blow in the wind. Review your goal weekly and monthly

Photo Credit: psychologytoday

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Have you been sincerely happy for other peoples success? Are you going to make changes in your own life ? What’s your next step. I WANT TO KNOW .

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