Early 20’s you versus Late 20’s you

Some people may think ..well you are the same in your early 20’s as you are in your late 20’s. Well for people who are progressing and constantly changing that is just not true. Lets look at some things you may not have given a damn about in your early 20’s that you do in you late 20’s

  1. Partying until 2 a.m: In your early 20’s you would rock the party all night and barely made it or showed up late to work in the morning but your late 20’s you would stay at the party until an appropriate time because you know you have work in the morning and can’t afford to be late
  2. Saying whatever is on your mind: The early 20’s you would say whatever is on your mind and not give a care about who gets hurt in the process. The late 20’s you kind of thinks before you speak because some where between 20 and 29 you have grown a conscious to be careful with your words
  3. Working a 9 to 5: In your early 20’s you would change your job every few months if a co-worker or manager got on your nerves. The late 20’s you is starting to think or has thought about stability and a long term career
  4. Friendships: The early 20’s you wanted lots of friends and always wanted to be on the scene every party and ever club event you and your friends had to be there. The late 20’s you is starting to see that quality of friends matters of quantity.You rather go watch a movie or catch up over dinner with a friend. You rather have 2 real friends than 10 fake ones.
  5. Spirituality: The early 20’s you would seek your higher being only in times you found yourself in trouble and needed a way out. The late 20’s you knows that having a relationship with your higher being is wonderful no matter if times are good or bad. Your higher being will never forsake you.
  6. Family: The early 20’s you would take family for granted as though they would always be there for you. The late 20’s you knows that you must foster kinship every chance you get because grandparents, parents and any family member for that matter will not be here forever well none of us will
  7. Retirement plan: The early 20’s you thought why should I put away $ 50 every paycheck , I won’t be retiring any time soon I can use that $50 to buy a concert ticket. The late 20’s you knows that a retirement plan is an long term investment for your future well being.
  8. Material things: The early 20’s you thought you had to have the latest clothes, shoes, laptop or phone. The late 20’s you knows that those things are nice BUT you can spend your money on better items that will benefit you in the long run like saving,stocks or personal development books or seminars
  9. Emotions: The early 20’s you thought I can’t cry or say I am hurt that is a sign of weakness. The late 20’s you feels more confident in expressing how you feel at the right time. No more passive aggressive with emotions.
  10. Forgiveness: The early 20’s you may have held a grudge or put up a wall up towards anyone who has hurt you. The late 20’s you has begun to learn that forgiveness heals you not the person that has hurt you.
  11. Significant other relationships: The early 20’s you just wanted someone for the sake of saying you had someone. The late 20 something you knows that the person you are with or will choose to be with should uplift you, treat you like royalty and never ask you to change who you are.
  12. Home: The early 20’s you may not have cared where home was as long as you had a place to lay your head. The late 20 something you is concerned with things like location, distance from work, suitable for a family,  crime rate, beautification of property and neighbors.

From 20 to 29 may seem like such a short time frame but that is more than enough time to see change in ourselves and those around us.

Do you relate to anything listed above? Is the early 20 something you different from the late 20 something you?

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4 thoughts on “Early 20’s you versus Late 20’s you

  1. sassafrasindigo says:

    I agree with you on this. Early 20’s your still outputting the last 18yrs of No’s from your parents out of your system your trying to find yourself and your not thinking of long term plans. Your thinking about right now plans or the furtherest is the weekend. As we get plder you had enough time to go through some experiences that wpuld hopeful help you tp grew up. Learn about planning for the future. Today i was in a food store and i seen an older lady that works full time at my job also working part time at the store… I was like “wow when i get her age for retirement I want to be on some beach or traveling not working two jobs

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    • gojenbefit says:

      Its all about growth and the things that we thought matter the most before now probably are the least of our worries. There is still more to learn. As for the lady working 2 jobs she may have to for her lifestyle and or family….there are a few of my older co-workers that work 2 and EVEN 3 jobs as well. I just look at it as a life lesson to make sure I can position my self and encourage others to do better in the future. THANKS for responding to this post it means alot 🙂


  2. Muscles and Pearls says:

    I’m quite the opposite. I’m turning 24 here in a few short weeks but have never been one to stay out late. I have a strict 10pm bed time… 6:15am comes around to soon 😉 and being a wife and step-mom, watching what I say is VITAL! But it’s definitely interesting to see a different side of things! Great post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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    • gojenbefit says:

      Sounds like you are more of an adult than many. Some of us don’t learn certain things later while others learn earlier. But sound likes you are being a great example for those around you! Thanks for replying to this post I highly appreciate it 🙂


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