Forget the Freshmen 15. How to avoid the grad school 15?

Some of us have decided to take the plunge we call graduate school. Either for a job promotion, career change or to have an edge on the competition when job hunting. Either way I have been there. Being a recent graduate student, just graduating December of 2014. I want to talk about the graduate 15. OMG! I think I should coin that because IT IS REAL.

Graduate school is like having a part time job. Some of us rush from work or home after picking up kids or siblings to make it to class and what do we do? We grab something fast and make our way through traffic to get to class so the professor won’t scorn us as we walk into the class late… this has happened to me a few times may I add. The professor gave me the “HOW DARE YOU WALK IN MY CLASS ROOM HOLDING a McDonald’s bag and shake look”.

Between due dates, presentations, networking, facilitating writing your thesis or dissertation and researching it is easy to put on a few pounds while in grad school.

Here are 6 tips to avoid the graduate 15

  • Pack 2 lunches: 1 for work and 1 for school . Make it healthy and fulfilling. Stick to what you packed ..don’t be tempted to buy food when you already have something to eat
  • Scope out  healthy alternatives: Many of us know exactly where the Starbucks or pizza place is near campus but take time to learn about 3 healthy food options near your campus and go there when you do have to purchase your food
  • Keep a healthy snack near by: Fruit, nuts and protein bars are good to have handy while in class so you don’t run to the vending machine or student store and load up on chips, candy and coffee (with sugar and creamer)
  • Be careful of break/lunch invites: Being among your colleagues they will want to make a run to the cafeteria, go to the vending machines, or go to a fast food place. You can say NO or if you do go choose a health option before your get there
  • Keep the stress down: Get a planner, write down all due dates, staying on track keeps the stress down, trust me. While all you colleagues are running around writing the 10 page paper in the computer lab due in 1 hour, you finished and revised yours last night because you utilized your planner STAY STRESS FREE
  • Walks during your breaks: This is not to be anti-social but keep your body moving especially after listening to a 2 hour lecture that started to sound like blah blah blah blah after 45 minutes. Even ask your colleagues to take a 10 minute walk with you

Stay strong while in graduate school you will need a clear mind relieved of stress and be ready to display your best.

Are you having hard time eating healthy in graduate school?

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