Are New Year Resolutions Worth all the Hype?

We are a few days away from the new year. It’s about that time where we will see comments like the one listed below EVERYWHRE

“Next year is my year”

“New Year new me”

“I will do— in the new year”

And the list can vary depending on who you are talking to.

Are New Year Resolutions Worth all the Hype?

Some people will make some GRAND goals that they will leave in the wind by Feb 1st

Some people will just wing it

Others will say they don’t believe in new year resolution as a way to not have to set a standard or expectation for them selves

Or there are people like me and you who believe “new year’s resolutions are for SUCKERS’

These suckers I mean people that get sucked into the hype of the new year’s resolution you know similar to the shiny object syndrome, something new comes along and shiny comes along. drop everything and start something new.

Here let me talk some sense into those people and takes some notes if any of these things apply…

Are New Year Resolutions Worth all the Hype?

Fist let’s start with the most desired new year resolutions

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Make more money
  3. Get more organized

All of these are great goals don’t make them resolution. There is something about a new year’s resolution that reeks of inconsistency and a fad. Just don’t do it instead





Let’s not make it more complicated if does have to be. Now in between those words we can add phrases like stay consistent, remember your why and don’t give up but this pretty much sums up the majority of what you need to do to accomplish a goal

SET GOALS (I identify the goal you want)

EXECUTE (Find out the steps to complete the goal)

REVIEW (Look over how you set the goal and execute. Remove what didn’t work and keep what you did)

REPEAT (Apply the technique that worked previous and do it all over again on a next goal)

Now it’s your turn do you believe in new year resolution? Do you have any goals?

Are New Year Resolutions Worth all the Hype?

What is your plan for the new year?

Need to review all the things that have took place in this year. Download my complimentary ultimate personal goal guide >>DOWNLOAD YOURS HERE<<

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